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Our Pillars

A child’s success in school is critical to determining their future. We meet this need by offering, tutoring, homework help, college tours sand other academic resources. As a result of our efforts, over 90% of students attending Planning Your Success advance to the next grade level.  

We are passionate about serving the Austin community, a neighborhood that is underserved with a dense population. By partnering with local schools, we have been able to impact children and their families to equip them with the tools they require to thrive. From parenting classes to free, healthy food served monthly, Planning Your Success partners with organizations to deliver a holistic approach. 

Financial Literacy:  
In order to restore economic health and break the poverty cycle, we teach monthly workshops on managing a budget, learning about personal credit, entrepreneurship and more. 

As a Christian organization, it is our mission to ensure that every child we serve knows who they are in Christ. We offer mentoring and spiritual development to make sure our students find and stay on the path that God has designed for their lives.