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Our History

Planning Your Success is an organization that seeks to provide financial assistance, college and career advisement, as well as positive self-image counseling services to students in the Chicagoland area, particularly in the Austin community. We firmly believe that education is an important tool to help prepare the next generation for the next phases in life, whether it takes them to college, entrepreneurship, skilled trades or the professional workforce. Started in 2004, we have based our program on four pillars: education, financial literacy, community, and faith. In addition to mentoring, tutoring, and several outreach events, we have granted over $25,000 in scholarships to students, all of which has been raised through fundraisers and private donations. 

After several years of supporting students attending Better Life Faith Church International, the scholarship program expanded its outreach. Under the direction of P.Y.S. staff, the program extended its services to students attending high school within the Austin Community. The program formed its first high school partnership with three small schools located on the Austin High School Community Campus. In subsequent years, we have expanded our scholarship even further to include additional schools in the Austin area, as well as offering educational and mentoring services to children of all ages.

As the initiative continues to develop, P.Y.S. Staff plans to utilize their experience as professionals, educators and youth mentors to support the program in many ways. The program coordinator and its support team works to assist students by fostering a mindset geared towards pursuing higher education. The workshops and counseling services are designed to instill within students the tools needed to become successful in accomplishing all of their college and career goals as well as any other visions and aspirations they may have.